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Twin Halves of Men

Vision 2030 has come to reinforce the positive role of women and give them a positive boost to participate alongside their brothers in achieving the goals of the Vision that has made women a pillar of the process of building the society.

Saudi women are no longer those negative women who do not participate in the decisions of their society, but rather they have a fundamental role in decision-making, raising the sophistication of society and looking forward to the future according to scientific plans based on achievement and excellence.

This trust that the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision placed in women has them assume the highest positions in all fields. It is in no way possible to get past some of the names that have contributed effectively to the development of the Kingdom at all levels. 

Princess Reema bint Bandar bin Sultan is the Kingdom's Ambassadress to the United States. Princess Haifa Al-Muqrin is the Kingdom's Permanent Representative to UNESCO. 

Khawla Al-Kurya holds a senior position in medicine. Sarah Al-Suhaimi is the Chairwoman of Tadawul. Dr. Ghada Al-Mutairi is a Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of California. Mishaal Ashemimry is an aerospace engineer and the first Saudi young woman working in the field of rocket building for NASA. 

Thuraya Obaid is the first Saudi woman to hold an administrative position at the United Nations. Noura Al-Fayez is also the first Saudi woman to hold the position of Deputy Minister. 

They are all along with businesswomen who provided a successful experience in the financial and business sector, and other women who devoted themselves as actors in the Shura Council and have their contributions that cannot be overlooked, in addition to many other Saudi women who have been creative in literature, poetry, short story and novel, and the list goes on...

This trust in Saudi women held them a very huge responsibility, making them seek excellence in science, study and management, and they will inevitably find themselves active contributors in building and leading the society.

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