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India invites Saudi businessmen to invest in Odisha

Visiting Indian businessmen have urged their counterparts in the Kingdom to invest in agro-industries, metal processing and tourism in the Eastern part of the sub continent.

Minister of Industry of the State of Odisha in Eastern  India, Ananta Das, called on Saudi businessmen to invest in this state, which has many potentials and advantages, especially as it seeks to generate investments aimed at achieving fundamental transformations in key areas such as agro-industries, metal processing and tourism, .

The Indian minister said during the Saudi-Indian business meeting hosted by the Council of Saudi Chambers in Riyadh on Monday ,that his government has taken concrete steps to strengthen the economy by increasing agricultural and industrial productivity and providing infrastructure and public services. He also pointed out that that the state of Odisha has huge mineral resources that can make a significant contribution to India's growth in strategic sectors, as well as its unique experience in charting a path to sustainable and inclusive growth, which is an important lesson for other countries and states that are also rich in natural wealth. 

He also called on the Saudi business sector to visit Odisha and work together with the Indian business sector to take advantage of the opportunities available in the industrial, agricultural and tourism fields.

For his part, member of the Executive Committee of the Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce, Sabah Al-Mutlaq, highlighted the distinguished relations between the Kingdom and  India and described the meeting as an opportunity to open up new areas  of cooperation in viable sectors.

He recalled the stages of development witnessed by the Saudi economy in the light of the Saudi Vision  2030, which includes many investment opportunities, which can be a wide area of ​​cooperation with the Indian side.

The meeting witnessed extensive discussions and dialogues between the two sides on the investment opportunities and advantages offered to the investors of both sides . In addition, a number of offers were presented, most notably a presentation by the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority about the vision of the Kingdom of 2030 and another on businesses in the Indian state of Odisha. 

The meeting came within the framework of the efforts of the Council of Saudi Chambers to provide more investment opportunities for businessmen through the establishment of trade partnerships with their counterparts in India to promote and strengthen trade and economic relations, and enable access to investment opportunities and exchange of experiences in various fields for the benefit of both sides.

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