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Prophet’s Holy Mosque’s Service Facilities are among Largest Infrastructure Facilities in the World

The service facilities in the courtyards of the Prophet’s Holy Mosque are among the largest infrastructure facilities in the world, which were designed in a distinctive engineering manner and with a construction suitable for the Prophet’s Holy Mosque with two underground floors, with a total area estimated at 199,000 meters under the courtyards of the Mosque, where 19 facilities connected to toilets and car parking were distributed, five for women, equipped with more than (112) electric ladders and (12) elevators in the eastern and southern facilities. The facilities also include 2,782 toilets and 7,500 ablution taps.

The facilities also include 24 exits to car parking, eight of which are allocated for subscribers and 16 for cash payment, with each unit capable of accommodating more than 184 cars, is equipped with 48 self-payment devices, and includes a special unit allocated for people with disabilities. The facilities also include car parking lots located in four directions and surround the courtyards of the Prophet’s Holy Mosque.

The parking lots are equipped with advanced security systems to monitor and preserve property through 679 advanced cameras, in addition to security guards, in addition to taking the necessary safety precautions through the equipment of more than 800 fire extinguishers, 190 fire hoses, and 22,915 fire resistant screens.

The Agency of the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Prophet's Holy Mosque is keen on providing integrated services, including disinfection, sterilization, and sanitation of toilets in the facilities six times a day, using 6000-8000 liters of detergents and cleaning materials.

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