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Iftar meal packs distributed at traffic lights in Riyadh‏

To curtail the high speed of the motorists during the Iftar time, social service organizations and philanthropists have made arrangements to serve iftar meals when the vehicles stop at traffic lights.
Sponsored by Huawei, the Social Responsibility Club at King Saud University in cooperation with the Riyadh Traffic Department, has embarked on program to provide Iftar meals to motorists who are on the road during breaking- fast time
The program targets to distribute half a million Iftar meal packets during the holy month in various parts of the Riyadh city.
The meals are distributed by a trained and specialized team that has been divided into a number of places and adhering to traffic and safety rules.
This year marks the fifth consecutive time that a fast-paced breakfast program is being implemented to reduce road accidents during the sunset in the month of Ramadan.
"Huawei has been able to support this program as a social responsibility program to help motorists on the road to have their iftar in time and thereby help them reduce their speed on the roads", an official from Huawei said.

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