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Yanbu Royal Commission wins best International project award at Huawei international conference

The Royal Commission of Yanbu has won award for the Best International
Project among 17 ones presented at Huawei Connect International
Conference 2017 held in Shanghai, China.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Commission Dr. Alaa bin
Abdullah Nassif, presented a working paper on the Smart City of Yanbu
Industrial City as the first smart city in the Kingdom in which he
reviewed a group of achievements accomplished in the Smart City project
and their reflections on several domains such as encouraging investment,
reducing the energy costs and improving the quality of life in cities,
pointing to the role of smart cities in monitoring the basic
infrastructure such as roads, technical systems, communications,
environment and sustainable energy to achieve the optimum degree of
quality and to attract more industrial investments as the Royal
Commission seen as one of pioneering industrial cities in the world and
the first smart industrial city.

The Royal Commission has recently signed two agreements with Huawei
company, whereas the first one for establishing the Innovation Center
for Smart City Services, while the other one for establishing Huawei
Training Center in Yanbu Industrial City in order to accelerate the
implementation of smart cities in line with the Kingdom's vision 2030.

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