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Iranians reeling under tyranny

The street protests in Iranian cities have taken an alarming turn for the regime with calls for “death to the dictator” and “no to price rise.” While the common people are giving vent to their pent-up frustrations, Iran’s oppressive security organs have gone on the rampage, thrashing and arresting innocent Iranians.
Protestors in Qom were heard urging Ali Khamenei to step down and stop meddling in the affairs of other states, for which it has even been condemned by the international community. But the Iranian treasury continues to finance military operations in Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, even as common Iranians suffer from joblessness and famine.
The Iranians are giving it back to the mullahs who have curbed their freedom and put the country’s future in peril. Iranians have been pushed to starvation, while terrorists in Lebanon, Yemen and Bahrain enjoy Tehran’s largesse and are getting more prosperous day by day.
The popular fury raging in Tehran, Kermanshah, Qom, Ahwaz, Esfahan and other Iranian cities is pointing directly at Khamenei’s tyranny that has led to socioeconomic difficulties. This is clearly reflected in the 5,300 suicides in 2016, as per figures released by the Iranian Social Care Organization.
Drug addiction has also reached record levels, according to the statistics released by the Expediency Discernment Council of the System. Five percent of Iranians are drug abusers and another 12 percent are on the verge of joining them. Human trafficking is also rampant where a child’s price ranges between $ 30 and $ 60 in a flourishing market resulting from criminal policies adopted by a grossly immoral regime.
The regime, which seeks to export its problems and failures abroad by sparking political unrest and supporting terrorists elsewhere, is now itself facing the people’s wrath. The protestors have nothing to lose as they fight on to oust the tyrannical mullahs from power. While 80 percent of the Iranians live below the poverty line as a result of the regime’s policies, the mullahs continue to produce missiles and other killing tools for other countries in the name of supporting oppressed people.
Now, the tide seems to be swiftly changing against the actual oppressors – the mullahs.

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