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Islamic Relief International Organization (IRIO) provides Comoros with health and humanitarian aid

Islamic Relief International Organization (IRIO), an affiliate of the Muslim
World League (MWL) provided the Republic of the Comoros with
humanitarian, health and relief assistance, to meet the needs of the
poor and needy, at a cost of SR 10,916,645, benefiting 1,104,969 people,
during the period from 1427 to 1438 AH.

The health assistance of amounted to SR 6,948,032, benefiting
971,333 persons, namely the establishment of three dispensaries, on
Moroni Island, a clinic on Hunzouan Island and a clinic in Niomasho on
the island of Moheli, in addition to a birth room, a children's room, a
sound wave and an emergency department.

These health centers provide men, women and children with all health
services, especially children suffering from malnutrition.

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