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Compass of Belonging

Relations among states are usually founded for the common interests, aiming to strengthen ties and exchange benefits under a constructive but not destructive umbrella. In certain cases, such as the Qatari-Iranian alliance, it is different. 

Alliances are governed by geography, history and belonging, as well as exchange of benefits. For the Qatari-Iranian case, these factors have been shortened to the exchange of benefits and some geography. 

History and belonging have been neglected, although they are no less important than the rest of the factors. Even more, that alliance has reached the extent that Qatar has abandoned its core interests as an Arab Gulf state just by belonging without action.

This is tangibly reflected by Qatar's disgraceful repudiation of the statements of the Gulf and the Arab summits after it approved them, and then its disagreement after the return of the Qatari delegation to its country in a historic precedent indicating the imbalanced Qatari policy and its makers who lost the direction of compass. 

The Qatari regime did not leave matter there; it made its worse by the communication between the Emir of Qatar and the Iranian president, in which the latter expressed his gratitude for Qatar's position on the statements of the two summits, clearly indicating that Qatar has sold its belonging and used the price for buying a temporary alliance which will be certainly be disastrous for it.

The Qatari regime has proved beyond reasonable doubt the failure of its perspective. It deals according to interim policies based on reaction rather than action, nor the strategic policies that foresee the future and lay the groundwork accordingly.

Qatar's alliance with Iran, the state which has become a pariah out in the world for adopting terrorism, shows that the Qatari regime has come closer to falling into the abyss of isolation, as is the case for its ally, giving us a strong indication that its isolation will become more than ever.

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