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Saudi Cultural Attaché in Britain Crowns Students Club in Glasgow with Saudi Students Clubs Championship in Britain

The Cultural Attaché of the Saudi Embassy in London, Dr. Abdulaziz bin
Ali Al-Maqoushi, has crowned the Saudi Students Club in Glasgow with the
Cultural Attaché's football Cup of the Saudi Students Clubs in the
United Kingdom 2018 after it won the final match against the Birmingham
Students Club with a one goal-to-zero at a tournament organized by the
student clubs and hosted by the Saudi students' club in Leicester on
Saturday with the participation of 13 Saudi student clubs.

Dr. Al-Maqoushi expressed his happiness with meeting with students
and attendance for their participation in this event, praising the
organization of the events of the championship, stressing that such
youth events and meetings deepen the bonds of communication among Saudi
students on scholarship in the United Kingdom.

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