By Yousif Al-Kowaileet
Kingdom, Iraq ties stand the test of time

Our national security is closely linked to the stability of the Arab Gulf neighborhood as well as that of Iraq and Yemen. Iran has tried to create turmoil in these countries, but has failed miserably because its strategy was based on sectarianism and selfish expansionist ambitions.  
The Kingdom’s disagreements with Iraq were mainly caused by the havoc created by alien ideologies. This is why restoring Saudi-Iraqi ties was seen as a natural step, given the long history shared between the two countries – tribes, families, and common values.
Moreover, lessons from the past have shown the importance of maintaining sustained relationships that can withstand the challenges caused by terrorism and foreign interventions. Economic cooperation and open borders are key elements in finding solutions to common problems.
The Kingdom has supported influential religious bodies that have contributed significantly to Iraqi society. It has ignored sectarian cries because they are all Muslims even if they have disagreements. Besides, we are part of an Arab nation that speaks one language and turns to one Kiblah.
What is more important? Our historical ties or disagreements sparked by countries like Iran?
There is no dispute over the fact that all countries have sovereignty over their own territories. We have experienced the grave consequences of wars and economic boycotts caused by difference of ideas, situations or interests. They have had adverse effects on both countries.
We have also seen that some regional and international powers had goals that went contradictory to the stability and development of the two countries. We learned about the right and left, and all the revolutionary and religious disputes that have fueled domestic wars.
Now, as the Kingdom and Iraq are set to further grow their relations, we realize that there are parties who oppose the moves and misinterpret them. But the two countries are emphasizing their own interests over others. We know how Iraq has been adversely affected by the halting of the oil line passing through the Kingdom to the Mediterranean Sea and freezing of exports and imports.
We are aware of the big obstacles in our way that require open dialogue. Our destinies are aligned regardless of the changing times, people and governments. We are in the same boat sailing in the same direction. We have to build our one home where we live as one secure, stable family.

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