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Homeland Accomplishment

Sport, with its various activities, has always been given the attention, care and hospitality of the leadership, as a civilizational activity and feature that reflect a state of awareness of the importance of youth and their role in building their society, and give a real mental image of the state of mobility, development and promotion in civilization and human existence, which every state is keen to have as a bright and honorable image that reflects its values and civilization.

Yesterday we witnessed a state of admixture among the various segments of the society, supporting the representative of the homeland in an important international event; the championship witnessed and aptly won by Al Hilal Club in the AFC final when it met its Japanese counterpart Urawa Reds in the second leg of the AFC 2019 finals. Al Hilal served as an honorary image that reflected the great attention it received from His Highness the Crown Prince, who directed the provision of four planes to transport the Saudi fans to support Al Hilal team against Urawa.

His Highness's support for all cultural, sports and other activities is not surprising, especially that His Highness with his deep insight and vision is aware that young people are the mainstay of the future.

 Sport, with its various activities, is undoubtedly one of the important strategies that receive the attention of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Highness the Crown Prince. 

It is an interest that includes all activities and fields, whether sports, economic, political or cultural. The honorable representation of the sons and daughters of the Kingdom in various events is a sincere reflection of this interest.

There is no doubt that the victory of Al Hilal in this tournament and the state of joy that prevailed throughout the Kingdom has reflected the patriotic spirit of the members of the society, whose adherence to the national gains seemed far from tendencies and fanaticism which do not reflect the real awareness of the people of the country. 

When representatives of the homeland participate in any foreign championship, tendencies unite to affirm our love for our country, our joy for its victory, and our adherence to its history, identity and common values.

This national victory is a joy for the entire country. It is a joy shared by all citizens who boast of its inclusion in the accomplishments made by the homeland which we all share its love, air and victories in various areas.

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