Riyadh Daily
Iranian violations of nuclear pact

Westerns countries, particularly those in Europe, appear to have only their interests in mind when they look at the Iran nuclear deal. They fail to see the destructive role played by the Iranian regime, not only against the countries in the region, but against its own people.
These Western nations are under the belief that Iran is committed to the agreement, although they have expressed concerns over recent demonstrations in several Iranian cities when scores of people were killed or injured at the hands of the regime forces. Despite these concerned, these countries still claim that the Iranian regime is committed to the nuclear agreement, totally ignoring the sufferings of the Iranian people
There is little doubt that the nuclear agreement is important to all. It has sought to control Iran’s nuclear activities, though the Iranian regime has been regularly breaching that agreement. A UN report has said that Tehran has breached the nuclear agreement by supporting armed groups outside its borders especially in the east. It further said that it had exported weapons to Iraq without prior authorization, which was a clear violation of international laws.
The UN Security Council has listed 63 Iranian violations of the nuclear agreement, including disregard for human rights, increase in the number of death sentences, and greater suppression of the Iranian people. The whole world realizes the bloody nature of the Iranian regime, but it is unfortunate that some countries are defending the agreement despite Iranian violations.

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