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Allegiance… Constant Approach

The annual celebration of accession to the throne in the Kingdom is not only a Saudi political tradition, but an approach and a way of thinking that goes beyond the ordinary ceremonial nature. It is a political situation that takes on a mental, intellectual, cultural and historical nature as well, as it represents a reading of the past and the current state of events and looking ahead. 

This grand celebration is a genius approach established by the founder King Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman who charted the Kingdom surpassing future and whose insightful vision went beyond the borders of time and thought of his generations. 

He could take advantage of that matchless genius in the establishment of a huge state with political and economic weight; a state that has become important and influential in the making of international decisions and launching of major projects and alliances that only a powerful country like the Kingdom can undertake. The Kingdom has gained such a role thanks to its important geopolitical position, which it has been blessed by Allah Almighty and promoted by the wise leadership with its political skill and historical, bold and forward-looking roles, thanks to the Islamic and social values adhered to by the Kingdom.

The importance of this allegiance comes as an extension of the kingly approach enacted by the great founder and then followed by his righteous king sons. It is also given such an importance in the light of the exceptional stage seen by our country through highly important events and transformations at the local level with regard to historical decisions. 

It also emphasizes the religious moderation that rejects extremism and exaggeration and the necessity of not causing prejudice to the moderate religious values, which reflect the tolerance and universality of our religion as the seal of religions valid for all times and circumstances.

It is important to note the value of social cohesion, which reflects a state of stability and prosperity and a sincere image of the blessing of security and safety enjoyed by citizens, residents, visitors and tourists alike, in a state of social blending and harmony. This is accompanied by a conscious openness to the other without compromising the constants of our religion, values and norms.

Allegiance remains a leading political model that we rejoice in its memory and draw from it inspiration, hope and optimism for developing our plans and strategies, guided by the ambitious and genius comprehensive vision of the Crown Prince on various economic, political, cultural and social fields. It is an insightful vision that looks at the future with confidence and certainty that are never shaken by challenges, despair or discouragement.

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