Riyadh Daily
Arab Summit

The 29th Arab Summit to be held in the Kingdom comes at a time when the Arab world is passing through complicated and exceptional circumstances. The crises afflicting many Arab countries will be discussed, though their resolution would depend on their determination.  
Saudi Arabia is always at the forefront of efforts to seek solutions to problems related to the Arab world. It enjoys considerable respect, not only at the Arab and Islamic levels, but also in international circles. It strives hard to maintain Arab unity and advocates reforms consistent with the present and future. The prevailing conditions in the Arab world do not augur well for future generations. Upholding Arab unity remains the most important goal though difficult to attain in its fullest sense.
Efforts to preserve Arab solidarity is not the task any one country. It requires collective action by all Arab nations. Though determination to this end is lacking in some countries, it is better to reach partial agreements rather than live in a state of constant discord.
The summit is being held under difficult circumstances, but it is important to achieve at least a bare minimum of what is required to maintain Arab interests. The Arabs must set realistic goals as it is impractical to raise the ceiling of demands. They must understand their capabilities well and realize that the Arab states must not be seen in isolation from the rest of the world.

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