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Three Pillars

"The historic transformation plan of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 covers three pillars; a thriving economy, a vibrant society and an ambitious homeland. 

Through this vision, we expect the Kingdom to be a pioneering investment force and an interconnection among the world's continents." These few words, with their profound meaning which embrace our vision, form the broad titles that we have set for establishing a promising future for our country and boosting our position among countries of the world. 

They were expressed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in his speech at the meeting with the South Korean president, revealing the aspirations of an entire nation seeking to take advantage of the vision, heralding its early fruits and results which we have actually seen on the ground.

Thanks to the grace of Allah, our country takes great steps towards modernity with all its economic and social progress, putting all its trust in Allah Almighty and then on its status as the heart of the Islamic world, the diversity and abundance of its potentials in the human and natural aspects and its geographic location that link the continents of the world. 

This is in addition to its balanced political position that turned it to be a reliable reference for solving many regional and international problems thanks to its insight and clarity of position. It is then the outcome of our reality and indicator of our future that we are a real pioneer seeking the good of its people and not refraining from granting its wealth to its brothers and friends.

The G20 Summit that is kicking off its activities today in the Japanese City of Osaka, witnesses the high-profile attendance of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, on the top of the delegation of Saudi Arabia, the only G20's Arab member that weigh in on the global economic policies. 

In addition to the importance of the global economic meeting, the Crown Prince will hold bilateral meetings with the world leaders, topped by the Us and Russian presidents to discuss several issues of mutual interest. This is a continuous indication of significant dimensions and meanings confirming the pivotal role aptly played by our country various levels.

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