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HUAWEI AppGallery celebrates another year of successful partnerships’ stories by leading the change towards an open, user-centric mobile ecosystem

AppGallery, the official app distribution platform for Huawei devices and one of the world’s top 3 app marketplaces, celebrates its another year of anniversary with stronger growth than ever before. Huawei’s open, secure, and innovative app ecosystem remains committed to the company's vision of a fully connected, intelligent world for everyone, while providing users with unique experiences that enhance every aspect of their life.

Counting over 580 million monthly active users across more than 170 countries and regions, AppGallery has made tremendous progress in short time. The strong support from the 6 million registered developers worldwide has been key to the platform’s success, along with the trust that major international and local partners have demonstrated since day one. 

ABSHER provides for more than 26 million citizens and residents of Saudi Arabia a digital identity that enables access through the app to over +70 electronic services by the Ministry of Interior and a variety of governmental \ public services via its app, and it is one of the dozens of successful local partnerships stories. The ABSHER app can be used to manage and issue governmental IDs for citizens and residents with renewal future, passport services, and traffic department services, among other services provided for the individual and his family members, employees, and visitors of Saudi Arabia. HUAWEI and ABSHER began their collaboration in 2020 when the app was released on the AppGallery store and was fully integrated with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).

The partnership between Huawei and stc pay began in 2019 with the release of the App in the HUAWEI AppGallery store, which is fully integrated with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).

stc pay, the leading digital wallet in Saudi Arabia, was established in 2018, serves as the stc's investment arm in digital payments, and gives individuals and business owners complete control over and management of their finances. The partnership gradually widened to encompass additional HMS Services, such as joint brand cooperation in AppGallery and using Huawei Ads platform as a premium channel for stc pay promotions. By the end of 2022, stc pay installs had surpassed 18M installs as a result of this collaboration.

Haraj, one of the largest e-commerce company in Saudi Arabia, was founded in 2007 and focuses on cars before expanding to real estate and eventually becoming the one-stop shop for all classifieds in Saudi Arabia. Early in 2020, the Haraj application—which is fully integrated with Huawei Mobile services—was released on AppGallery. In order to reach more than 100K new users in 2022, the company launched an ongoing campaign with Huawei Ads in 2021 to cover other services from Huawei Mobile Services. Haraj uses the most cutting-edge technologies available on the back end, which creates an excellent learning environment for developers and a platform for aspiring business owners to establish a solid foundation before entering the market. 

Lu Geng, Vice President of the Middle East and Africa, Huawei Global Partnerships & Eco-Development, Huawei Consumer Business Group, stated: “Huawei has devoted the last four years actively improving its underlying technologies in the MEA region, opening its capabilities and tools to developers, and providing a plethora of products and services. The HMS ecosystem is becoming more inclusive, open, and innovative. Collaborations with partners like ABSHER, stc pay and Haraj highlight AppGallery’s true potential, and we're excited to continue creating the mobile experiences of the future alongside them.”

HMS Core is a combination of device and cloud open capabilities provided by Huawei Mobile Services, to help partners achieve both efficient app development and operation growth. For example, Apps can enhance the user experience and effectively increase their active users, by providing a stable and time-efficient push notification services using the HMS Core.

In addition, the HMS Core service can analyze the user’s preferences, enabling apps to do precise targeting with products and ads relevant to the users. The HMS Core has introduced more AI-based innovation capabilities, Snapchat as an example, cooperates with the HMS Core machine learning service to implement AI-based games such as face detection. The HMS Core industry solution will continue to cooperate with partners to create high-quality apps for users.

In line with its seamless AI life strategy, Huawei is constantly evolving the HMS ecosystem to support enhanced cross-device collaboration capabilities with Super Device, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, wearables, and IoT devices, with the goal of delivering an elevated AI life experience for users across scenarios. Taking advantage of the latest HMS Core updates, developers are now able to create high-quality smart living experiences for everyone while monetizing their apps. The increasing number of premium apps, combined with the millions of new users that join AppGallery each month, confirm the platform's ongoing success.

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