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Al Salem Johnson Controls Stresses the Safety of its Clients

Owing to the multitudinous benefits of using Ammonia Gas instead of Freon in in Industrial Refrigeration applications, several Governments and Developed Countries are encouraging its use.

Ammonia gas is a sustainable, environmentally friendly refrigerant. It does not contribute to global warming, and due to its ability to absorb more energy than its Freon counterpart, Chillers operate more efficiently.

Consequently, the Training Center - in cooperation with the Industrial Refrigeration Department at Al Salem Johnson Controls - held a safety training session, titled “Safety in Dealing with Ammonia Gas”, with more than 30 engineers and technicians in attendance. The objective was to ensure the safety of the facilities and employees of Al Salem Johnson Controls’ clients.

Al Salem Johnson Controls’ programs and training initiatives for its clients reflects the Company's strategic vision, its interest in sustainability, and raising awareness among its clients about safety procedures for handling any Ammonia leakage, if any, at their facilities.

The “Safety in Dealing with Ammonia Gas” training session highlighted many aspects of dealing with Ammonia gas, such as detection of Ammonia leaks, with a strong detectable odor, concentration in chiller water, the importance of wearing special protective clothing, along with safety guidelines and instructions to be followed in case a leakage occurs, to avoid injury and other hazards to workers at the cooling stations and adjoining facilities.

Ammonia gas is used in Industrial Refrigeration Chillers, in facilities requiring special cooling temperatures as low as -45 ° C, such as meat, dairy, and juice processing plants, warehouses, cold stores, and other plants and manufacturing facilities.

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