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International Certification: UL


As that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one a G20 country and as of vision 2030 our products and services should be matched with global and international standards and that can be obtained through achieving required international certifications for trading in global markets.

Here, in our article we will go through one of those required certificates which issued by Underwriter Laboratories Inc. “UL”.

UL is an independent product safety certification organization that plays an active role in promoting the development of international trade. UL established in 1894 in Illinois, USA.

UL mainly engaged in product safety certification and operating safety certification business and its prim goal is to obtain products with a safe standard in the market and to contribute to the guarantee of personal health and property safety.

02-UL verification process:

1. Contact UL.

2. Submition of the application.

3. Filing a case.

4. Testing report.

5. Factory inspection.

6. Qualification report.

03-UL certification types:

1. Listed:

Applicable to complete products. The products listed by UL can usually be marked with UL's listing mark of it.

2. Recognized:

It is the certified products can only be used as components and raw materials.

3. Classification:

Evaluating the specific hazards of the products.

Evaluates products that implement other standards (internationally recognized standards, such as IEC and ISO standards, etc.).

4. Multiple listings:

As UL applicant obtains the above LISTED, Recognized, or classification services, its products want to be produced in the name of another company to meet the needs of sales, So that is the "Multiple listings" services.

5. "AL" LISTED, Recognized:

If UL applicants do not want to obtain listing services in the name of their own company, they can apply for another business name (a retailer or wholesaler) applying for LISTED, Recognized, or Classification, that is called "AL" service.

The difference between it and multiple listings, multiple Recognized, or multiple Classification services is that the applicant is not a listed person.

04-UL some of other services:

Quality system certification services:

1. As the UL member of the “International Accreditation Committee”, it has been contributed in:

• ISO9000 quality system certification.

• ISO14000 environmental protection certification.

• QS9000 automotive industry quality system certification.

• AS9000 aircraft industry quality system certification services.

2. Inspection services.

3. Factual judgment services.

4. Investigation services.


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