By: Nikoo Amini
Qods day on Tehran streets left empty despite Khamenei’s call

Qods Day in Iran ever since Khomeini, the Islamic revolution leader came to power, has been held every year as a massive march. The day falls on the last Friday in the month of Ramadan and followers so believe this day is in support of the Palestinian people.
By what is being shared of today’s scenes in different major cities inside Iran show empty streets and the least interest by anyone wanting to gather.
ISNA state news agency used archive picture while stating the annual Quds Day ceremony was held in more than 900 cities. It phrases people shouting for the defeat of the American and Zionist front.
It has become even more obvious that the reason Islamic revolution leaders directed such preaches from the first day of their theocratic rule was to distort the rightful demands of the Iranian people.
This was the result even though Khamenei had personally called on people to participate followed by a statement released by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and wide advertisement.

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