Riyadh Daily
Close nationalistic bonds

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz patronized the King Cup final in Jeddah recently, once again reflecting the strong cohesion between the ruler and the people – a relationship that dates back to the foundation of the Kingdom.
The warm reception extended to the Kingdom by the spectators with welcoming songs sung by them upon his arrival at the King Abdullah Stadium was a clear sign of the close bonds between the King and the citizens. The spontaneous reaction of the people indicates a strong sense of loyalty, away from set protocols and formalities.
Saudi men and women at various levels and ages have always shown their love for their country and its leadership. While they are leading the development march with their strong workplace productivity, they take to social media whenever required to defend their country against malicious propaganda.
The presence of the King amongst his people stands in stark contrast to the state of affairs in some other countries where national loyalty is lacking in every sense. This is the strongest weapon wielded by the Kingdom to maintain its strong position in the international community.

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