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Wise Decision

The Kingdom believes that the health of the citizen and the resident on its soil is a red line which cannot be compromised, bet on or risked for its safety under any circumstances. Since the emergence of the new Corona virus in China, and its transmission to the countries of the world, the Kingdom’s government monitors and tracks the health issue both at home and abroad closely, and never hesitates to take all precautions that keep the danger away from everyone.

The Kingdom's concern for the health of citizens and residents, urged it yesterday to impose sanitary isolation on Al-Qatif Governorate and its outskirts, and to prevent everyone to get into and out of it. Hours later, the relevant authorities did not hesitate to announce the decision to suspend study in all regions and governorates of the Kingdom as of today until further notice.

The two decisions fall within the Kingdom's precautionary health measures recommended by the competent health authorities, to corner the Corona virus, and to prevent its transmission from the affected provinces or regions to others, as well as protecting male and female students and educational staff from risks.

The decision to suspend the study was comprehensive, as it did not suspend the study in a specific region or a stage of study in particular, but rather suspended it in all public and private education institutions, universities and the public and private technical and vocational training institutions. This embodies the keenness of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to provide utmost safety and protection for all of students without discrimination.

The comprehensiveness of the decision itself, also appeared in another important aspect. The decision was not limited to the suspension of study only, but also included reassuring male and female students and their parents that the educational process will continue its course and daily activity by activating virtual schools and distance education throughout the suspension period. This reflects the seriousness of the government, and its ideal investment, thanks to its e modern communication technologies, in capabilities that guarantee the continuation of the educational process and its reaching the targeted people, without human gatherings, and without fear and anxiety about the transmission of the virus among students, God forbid.

The wisdom behind the decision to suspend the study remains that it came due to the increasing registration of worldwide positive cases carrying the virus and the possibilities of its spread easily among human gatherings in schools and universities, and then its transfer to homes, a matter which is of a great risk, which led the Kingdom to suspend the study. Meanwhile, the Kingdom will not hesitate to take any other new measures to confront this virus, which is out and about in the world however it pleases, armed with no treatment for it to this very moment. May Allah Almighty protect the Kingdom and protect its leaders and people from all harm.

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