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Dubai Sports Council organises governance workshop for executives from Dubai’s football clubs and companies

The Dubai Sports Council organised a two-day Corporate Governance workshop at its premises earlier this week for directors and top executives of Dubai’s football clubs and companies.

HE Saeed Hareb, Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council, was present at the workshop along with Nasser Aman Al Rahma, Assistant Secretary General of DSC, as Khalid Al Shizawi, Director of DSC’s Internal Audit Office, and Dr Ashraf Gamal El Din, Chief Executive Officer of corporate governance institute Hawkamah, gave presentations on corporate best practices.

“By organizing these workshops, Dubai Sports Council aims to strengthen the pillars of governance at Dubai’s football clubs and companies, and seeks to ensure that proper standards are applied to help achieve the level of administrative maturity and professionalism that we strive to reach in our sports institutions,” said HE Saeed Hareb.

Al Shizawi addressed the delegates on the opening day and he stressed on the strategic importance of clarity in communication and its role in decision-making. He also emphasised on the need for clear job description and proper delegation of duties and responsibilities to avoid overlapping.

Dr Gamal El Din, on his part, explained the powers of the Boards of Directors and their role in setting goals and developing policies of the clubs and football companies.

He said: “A model Board of Directors should include members with expertise in different fields. They should possess multiple skills and competencies to attain the strategic goals of the organisation.”

Dr Gamal El Din also said that appointing prominent personalities to the Board of Directors will not necessarily lead to success because these personalities, despite their qualifications, “have no actual role to play in the Board of Directors”.

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