Riyadh Daily
Global partnerships for national interests

The Crown Prince’s recent visits to Egypt and Britain, as well as his previous global engagements and upcoming ones, are all aimed at serving the interests of the Kingdom. They are multipurpose tours covering politics, economics and counterterrorism, besides efforts to change the western stereotyped view of Islam.  
All these key subjects were dealt with in detail during the high-level talks that have led to fruitful agreements and understandings beneficial to the nation. Such agreements have paved the way for long-term partnerships.
Saudi Arabia has strategic partnerships with permanent members of the Security Council and other influential countries in various parts of the world. This confirms the position of Saudi Arabia as a country going beyond its immediate region in terms of influence. We all know that the Kingdom is a member of the G20 countries which comprises the largest economies in the world. Therefore, Saudi Arabia has much to give to the world, and has already contributed much – for which its citizens are indeed proud of.
The Crown Prince’s visits have all proved to be greatly beneficial to the nation, particularly at a time when it is seeing a new dawn of openness towards the entire world.

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