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Tolerance… Culture

The Kingdom has always been the first and most important global incubator of the culture of tolerance and the rejection of extremism, radicalization and exclusion. It has consolidated this value through its sober, wise and moderate approach that does not exaggerate, have extreme opinion or renounce the other. 

Our kingdom has been an oasis of peace, calling for rapprochement, concord, mutual love and mercy among nations and openness to other religions and cultures without breaching or abandoning identity, doctrine or privacy that features their identity and cultural heritage.

It is remarkable to refer to the Jeddah International Book Fair in its fourth edition, under the theme of "Book… Tolerance and Peace". This naming reflects the cultural and moral value of tolerance that our country seeks to establish. 

It is a successful link between the book as a cognitive vessel capable of formulating cultures, values and intellectual systems and tolerance as the regulator of human communication and the relationship among peoples and individuals.

Followers of the Jeddah International Book notes that the keenness of organizers on making tolerance present in the intellectual and cultural activities, especially that it was attended by 400 publishers from 40 Gulf, Arab, Islamic and international countries. 

It attracted great numbers of citizens, Arab brothers or foreign visitors from different countries who witnessed more than 50 cultural, social and entertainment activities. 

The fair contained 180 titles in various fields of knowledge with the aim connect everyone to culture and reading and to develop the sense of reading in different fields of knowledge. 

It was accompanied by remarkable interest in the culture industry and the development of the sense of belonging to the book, and aimed at reinforcing the Kingdom's standing as an incubator of culture and knowledge and disseminator of the values of civilization by investing the geographical components, the cultural stock and the cultural heritage that our country possesses all over its regions.

It remains to say that tolerance is a global-natured humanitarian value. Its spread is an urgent and vital need for societies, especially those knee-deep in fighting, wars, chaos, destruction, insecurity and the absence of social dignity and prosperity. 

Needless to say that the Kingdom, with its international and geopolitical weight, regionally or internationally, seeks, as always, with its sincere efforts to foster the values of tolerance and its existence as a concept and a civilized value that is deemed the most important and greatest immunity for preserving nations, putting a stop to the bloodshed and spreading love, good, peace and purity and serves us as peoples living in one global village.

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