Madinah / Jeddah
Taxi driver arrested for harassing girl and African thief caught in Jeddah

Taxi driver arrested for harassing girl
A taxi driver who was filmed harassing a girl with special needs in Madinah was arrested Monday.
Madinah police spokesperson Maj. Hussein Al-Qahtani said the culprit is a Saudi man, 30, employed by a transportation network company.
Attorney General Sheikh Saud Al-Mojeb had earlier issued an order for the arrest of the harasser.
In the footage, which went viral, the young man was seen mocking, making inappropriate comments, and verbally taunting the deaf girl before trying to touch her even as she resisted.
The Attorney General ordered the man to be brought to justice even if the scene was staged, as was later claimed.
Several cases of sexual harassment have been reported in the Kingdom in recent months. There have been demands to introduce stringent anti-harassment laws to deal with this immoral behavior, which contradicts Islamic principles and the country’s traditions.  
King Salman ordered the Ministry of Interior last September to draft a law that treats sexual harassment as a grave crime.
African thief caught in Jeddah
The security authorities in Jeddah have arrested a man from Chad for stealing SR 135,000 from a Saudi in Jeddah.
Elaborating on the details of the case, a police source said the thief had followed the victim to his home after he withdrew the money from the bank and left it in his car. The thief broke into the car and stole the money.
The source said by studying the criminal’s modus operandi, police identified and arrest the thief in record time.
The security authorities in Jeddah have busted many gangs of African or Arab nationalities, which specialized in stealing bank customers.

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