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Jaser and Theeb

Jaser Alyami and his cousin Theeb Alyami, two Saudi young men sent for study in the United States like other thousands of Saudi students sent to acquire knowledge to be backing their homeland, contributing its development, glory and welfare and continuing the march of renaissance after they return to the homeland.

The heroic deed by the two young men who sacrificed their lives trying to rescue two drowning American children gives us an evident strong indication about the genuine essence of the Saudi State and its citizens who have always proved to be extremely generous, a matter that no one can ever deny. 

The Saudi people's gallantry and magnanimity are known to all and denied only by the ungrateful. The noble act by the two Saudi heroes – may God have mercy upon them – is an example for the boundless sacrifice that goes far to the extent of self-sacrifice for others, especially in this time, when lots of nations care only about their own affairs.

Experiments have been conducted by many social institutions, especially the Western ones, demonstrating the indifference of the public to what is happening right in front of them, no matter what they think it is of no concern for them. Yet, Jaser and Theeb offered their lives to save two children whom they did not know to answer the distress call of their mother.

Though there were many people in the very spot, they took no action fearing the furious water that the two children were about to drown in its depths. Jaser and Theeb who had a great share of their names (Bold) and (Courageous), did not hesitate to answer the mother's call for help, though they realized how danger was it, but they behaved in line with the teachings of their religion and out of nobility to help the grief-stricken mother.

Jaser and Theeb are two role models of the youth of our generous country, and we are truly proud of them and all other models that hold our country's head up.

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