By Yousif Al-Kowaileet
The next cold war camps

Breaking away from established norms of maintaining a calculated silence over weapons development programs, Russian President Vladimir Putin openly declared that his country was in the possession of advanced weaponry outweighing those of the US.
The US reacted to the claim as plain propaganda ahead of the Russian elections. But such rhetoric is enough for one to imagine that another cold war is just around the corner. In fact, they already seem to be at each other’s throats in Syria, with the various factions at war belonging to either one of the two camps.
The memories of the cold war are still vivid. The cold war even took a menacing turn when the Cuban crisis threatened to explode into a nuclear war. There were other instances as well: the Korean war, the triple attack on Egypt, the Vietnam war.
The ideological capitalist-communist conflict does not exist anymore, the Warsaw Pact has been dissolved and NATO is no longer its old self.
Putin's rise to power has changed much on the ground. He has focused on fighting corruption, restoring the army's prestige, and has also quelled the Chechen rebellion. He has become a new Caesar who turned his country into a different power from the ashes of the Soviet era. He has pursued a capitalist economy and a semi-democratic state.
The air of distrust between the US and Russia has got worse with charges against Russia of manipulating the American elections.
Has the world become a better place than it was during the cold war?  And now, will the new positions of power bring back the cold war? The Western fears of the rise of China and India have also brought the East into focus. The US, India and Europe may come together against a Russian-Chinese alliance. What about the rest of the world's countries under the US or Chinese influence?
The current neutrality of China is temporary because its military strength has not reached the level of the US or Russia. However, it is in a strong economic race. It will soon join the arms race as well, holding world security to ransom.

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