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The participation of HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense at the G-20 Summit marked an important historic juncture in terms of both the positive outcomes and the decisions that followers and forward-lookers expect to contribute significantly to supporting cooperation among the G20 states and reinforcing the global economy growth rates.

His Highness's representation at this summit was not confined to his country; as its impacts would be positive - by God's might - for all the Arab and Muslim brothers.

This impact is symbolic in a manner that establishes the Kingdom's value as a spiritual and religious qiblah for the entire Muslim world; as well as an essential player in the international economies, with its tangible roles in strengthening security and stability in the world and the Middle East in particular.

Needless to say that praising the Kingdom, represented by His Highness the Crown Prince, was remarkably expressed by the various media that raced to document those moments and their profound significances.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stays its triumphant course and plays a key role in shaping the global economic system. It confidently and aptly moves on crystallizing its economic presence by encouraging strong and balanced growth in line with the sustainable ambits and shared economic interests with all developed and developing countries, a matter that stresses the Kingdom's pioneering, confidence and position among the G20 states and the fruit of the blessed effort made by the leadership.

It would be useful to refer to His Highness the Crown Prince's continuing tours of deep and brotherly significances for the good of all countries, in addition to his important and historical roles that draw global attention. 

This all truly reflects the Kingdom's historical roles as an extension of the approach founded by the brainiac founder, King Abdulaziz - may his soul rest in peace - as modern history has not seen such solidarity, cooperation, consolidation of brotherly ties, renunciation of discrimination and extending a helping hand to others as has been done by the kings of this country.

His Highness the Crown Prince's tours realistically translate this approach which seeks the unity of Muslims and Arabs and achievement of their glory and integration at all political, cultural and economic levels, and the harmonious integration of all these roles serve the good of both the Islamic and Arab nations.

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