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Daily world class circus at Riyadh Shopping, Entertainment Festival

For the first time in the Kingdom, the World Circus (WANCA) offer  daily shows to entertain the visitors to the Riyadh Festival for Shopping and Entertainment,which is being  held in 11 popular malls in the  capital.

The circus at the Granada Mall will be held for a period of 60 minutes for 10 days in the capital.

 The monthlong event was inaugurated by  Prince Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Abdul Aziz, Deputy Governor of Riyadh Region last week .

The World  class Circus  will offer its varied and exciting shows to families who gather in large numbers at the Granada Mall to watch the performances .

The circus, which is performed by groups of Spanish and African bands, offers a wide range of exciting performances, acrobatic dances and magic shows and  would also include a selection of professional artistes who perform spectacular, imaginative, and exhilarating performances that spread joy among the families.

The Riyadh Shopping Festival and Entertainment which was flagged off during the weekend offers more than 200 promotional items and many entertainment activities in major malls in the capital.

 Organized by the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry , the festival is being held in more than 11 malls including Granada Mall, Kingdom Center, Sahara Mall, and Al Othaim Mall. , Al Faisaliah Center, Riyadh Gallery Commercial Center, Khurais Plaza Mall, Al Salam Mall Mall, Al Hamra Mall, Palm Mall, and Tala Mall.

For the first time in the history of the Riyadh Shopping Festival, major governmental bodies such as the General Authority for Entertainment, the General Authority for Culture and the General Authority for Sports are coordiNation with the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry to provide customers with a variety of promotional and entertainment activities in various shopping malls.

The Riyadh Festival for Shopping and Entertainment, organized by the Luxury Events Foundation, offers discounts on a wide range of brands, with attractive deals for customers . It also conducts grand daily draws among customers for lucky winners.

Besides net entertainment activities, the prizes offered to lucky winners will amount to more than SR one million daily.

The Riyadh Festival for Shopping and Entertainment aims to enhance the experiences of its three components such as shopping, entertainment and profits for customers .These events are platforms where the retail sector offers presentations or activities that bring benefits to a a wider segment of visitors and shoppers.

The Riyadh Festival in its 14th edition features many of the festival's first events to attract visitors from outside the Kingdom, as well as all citizens and residents of the Kingdom who will feel that shopping has become an enjoyable entertainment journey for individuals and families.

The accompanying entertainment program at the participating malls will range from the live performances of the global cartoon characters, the activities of Riyadh International, the Riyadh Theater for live entertainment, the Riyadh sports competitions, musical performances, and the international and local touring Riyadh shows.

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