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Solid Construction

The position of states and the sphere of their influence are not shaped by mere chance. They are the fruit of decades of continuous work that adopts a planned approach, and internal and external policies that rely on balance, ambition and starting through different stages of time to consolidate this position and this sphere.

Since the foundation stage at the hands of the late King Abdulaziz to the present day, our country has been working to reach the ranks of the developed countries. The wheel of development has not ceased to rotate, but its speed increases in order to strengthen the position and continue to move towards the goals which we have developed for ourselves and which will strengthen the solidity of the construction and lead us to a different start to discover our maximum ability to work with dedication and that is associated with creativity that is not new to us.

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman's speech at the 2018 Investment Future Forum recently was a confident talk that declared the aspirations of the country and its planning for the present and the future. 

They are not just ambitious plans but actions in progress that shape our plans, aspirations and hopes, embody our love and affiliation to our homeland and confirm the Saudi leadership and people's partnership and solidarity to move forward to achieve our endless dreams which we have the ability to make them a reality that connects the past, the present and the future in a unique fabric that emphasizes the strength of our position which we are proud of.

We are not caused harm by those who try to question our position and influence. We do not turn to those who are led by their hatred, tension and envy to futile attempts to smear our homeland. 

Those have taken upon themselves attempts aimed at underestimating our achievements, status and the cohesion. We do not respond to them by words, but with our actions that are marked by eloquent response.

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