Riyadh Daily
Wise leadership, loyal citizens

Saudis recognize the care accorded by their leadership to their welfare.  This care was apparent once again in the recent royal decrees that sought to ease the burden on citizens following the restructuring of prices.
The government’s decisions take the citizens’ wellbeing into account, proving the keenness of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to ensure that the common people are well looked after.
As part of the efforts to alleviate economic difficulties, despite the significant transformation programs in the country to diversify sources of national income, the King had ordered restoration of annual pay raise to government employees. Additionally, the King has ordered a 1,000-riyal monthly cost of living allowance, a 5,000-riyal compensation for military personnel posted along the southern front, a ten percent increase in students’ remuneration to join the Citizen’s Account, which will continue to be in effect as part of the continued support extended to citizen.   
The leadership’s care also covered such important categories of people as retirees and social security beneficiaries. The government also shoulders the cost of VAT on private health and educational services, although the government provides comparative services free of charge. As for housing, the government will bear the cost of VAT for a citizen’s first house up to a limit of SR 850,000.
The government has placed citizens’ interests and welfare at the top of its priorities in all its policies and procedures. It continues to take care of citizens of all ages. This has been the case ever since the era of the Kingdom’s founder, late King Abdulaziz.
This explains the strength and cohesion of Saudi society and the people’s loyalty to their country and leadership – a bond that it impossible for any alien intruder to destroy.

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