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Wisdom Prevails

The tense situation in Iraq after the US raid that finished Qasem Soleimani and his comrades is still standing between the Iraqi political forces and social components. Although Iraq is experiencing a painful period, there is still confidence in the loyal people of Iraq to help it out of the successive political crises. 

Iraq, this ancient country which is one of the pillars of human civilization since its inception, possesses potential that no another country has. Its varied natural resources, strategic location, and the wealth of its human element all make it eligible to play Arab, regional, and international roles. 

Yet, reality is different, as the successive political crises that have struck it has not given it the opportunity to take the position that it is supposed to have, as it is unable to take advantage of its entire elements of excellence for the benefit of Iraq and the Iraqis.

Iraq is an important country on the Arab and regional maps. All Arabs hope that Iraq would be the master of its decision and to be safe, stable, and effective in its Arab environment, in a manner befitting its status and capabilities, which had been placed in their rightful place, Iraq would have been a different country. 

Still we also find an excuse for Iraq, as it has been through unusual circumstances that adversely affected its path to development, but when that period is over, the Iraqis must do their utmost to advance their country and not leave it in the eye of the storm. 

Iraq is required to work on pacification, especially with regard to the recent crisis caused by the killing of Soleimani. Increased tension never serves anyone’s interest, and there will be no beneficiary of it, and it could drag the region into bigger crises if wisdom does not prevail.

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