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Souk Okaz to offer SR 300,000 worth prizes to outstanding artisans‏

Souk Okaz will offer SR 300,000 worth prizes to outstanding artisans, who excel at the crafts competition, which will be held during the two-week fair.
Saudi Crafts Program (Bare’) will participate in the activities of Souk Okaz with a number of male and female artisans. The Program will also organize the crafts competition with the participation of (24) artisans and prizes up to 300.000 riyals.
The 12th edition of Souk Okaz will be held under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz from 13 to 29 Shawwal 1439H corresponding to June 27 to July 13, 2018, the Saudi Commission is organizing the event for Tourism and National Heritage with the co-operation of several government organizations.
Bare’ will also participate in the activities of Souk Okaz market with (116) tents consisting of (70) artisans "individuals" from various parts of the Kingdom in various fields including sadu, weaving, hand-made carpets, crochet, embroidery and traditional costumes. Manufacture, carving and carpentering of wooden products, in addition to handmade palm products, painting, sculpture or manual decoration on any natural material, and other craft products of an innovative nature.
The tent will also witness the participation (10) partners of Bare’ program. These are: Herfah Organization, Princess Noura Social Center, Fatat Al-Ahsa’ Charity Association, Art of Heritage Company, Sleysla Center, Herafia Society, Agaa Training Society, Taiba Association, Atta’ Al Khair Center, and the Creativity Handicrafts Centers, in addition to the participation of (15) male and female artisans “Masters” artisans, and a tent for fashion show.
The event organizers expect more than a million visitors to the show this year. Last year, 824,000 visitors attended the 11th edition of the Souk Okaz.

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