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Swiss Alphorn Trio mesmerizes Saudi music lovers

"Alphorns were once used to communicate in the mountains of the Alps", explains H. E. André Schaller, Ambassador of Switzerland to Saudi Arabia, adding that the instrument links Switzerland, Austria and the alpine parts of Germany. Alphorns can, however, also be used to play a wide repertoire of beautiful music, ranging from traditional alphorn music over baroque to contemporary pieces. 

The concert on Thursday 27 September by the Swiss Alphorn Trio, with Jan Müller, Dominik Ziörjen, und Severin Zoll, proved the versatility of the instrument and a crowd of about 200 music lovers enjoyed the soft tunes of the alphorn in the courtyard of the Goethe Institut in Riyadh. The concert was organized jointly by the Embassy of Switzerland and the Goethe Institut as well as the Embassy of Germany.

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