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Cross-Cultural Dialogue by SASA in Riyadh

The Saudi Arabian Scandinavian Association (SASA) organized a cross cultural dialogue and a presentation on “EMERGING MINORITY FILM MAKERS IN DENMARK” in words & pictures by Rasmus Brendstrup, a Danish Freelance Writer, Film Critic and curator of the annual Arab film festival "Arabian Nights".

The event was held at the Mud house, Saudi Heritage & Preservation Society, King Abdulaziz Historical Centre in Riyadh that was highly attended by Saudi & international community.

Chairperson SASA, Marie Lousie Sodemann welcomed the distinguished guests on the occasion and said, "SASA- Saudi Arabian Scandinavian Association is a non-profit, non-political and non-denominational organisation. We are a group of Saudis and Scandinavians who are avid to learn more about each other, about the worlds we live in, the ways we think, the words we use to describe our present and hopes for the future", she said.

"We believe in the power of dialouge and our goal is to create spaces and fora allowing an exchange of values and ideas to take place in order to build cross cultural bridges of friendship between individuals and groups in Saudi Arabia and Scandinavian countries", she added.

The Danish freelance writer and film critic, Rasmus Brendstrup presented a brief history of Danish Cinema and mentioned Peter Elfeldt for his documentary in 1890, Asta Nielsen as the first international Danish film star, Holgar-Madsen for making space adventure movie in 1918: Trip to Mars, First sound film by George Schnéevoigt in 1930, Noir Thrillers by Bodil Ipsen in1940, Romantic comedy made by Alice O'Fredericks in 1950, Erik Balling: 1960 slapstick comedy olsen banden, Soren Kragh-Jakobsen 1970: social realism, youth films, poetry & sadness, Bille August / Gabriel Axel: 1980 literary adaptions, Lars Von Trier 1990: Dogma, Susan Bier 2000: mainstream Oscar winner.

Rasmus described a new role for minority film makers in Denmark and possible rethinking of Danishness. He stated Omar Shargawai, May Al Toukhy and Fenar Ahmed as the three most interesting and emergining minority filmmakers in Denmark. He reflected on their paths to success and their position in the Danish and Nordic film landscape, "Omar Shargawi's film "Al Medina" echoes the Danish Dogme-style of drama. May el-Toukhy is known for her film "Long Story Short", Fenar Ahmed is known for his action thriller film 'Darkland' from 2017 and now working on "Valhalla", the biggest budgeted upcoming danish film", he mentioned.

The vice chair of SASA, Dr. Saad Al Bazei, presented his books and a traditional Arabic pair of sandals to Rasmus as a gifts. 

Marie Lousie Sodemann, thanked the executive team members of SASA, "Dr. Saad Al Bazei, Dr. Ibrahim Aziz, Dr. Fahad Alyahya, Dr. Fawziah Al Bakr, Gisella Cardellini, Laura Alho, Majedah Aloni, Reenad Saud, Rim Najar, Sarah Alrajhi & Wafa Almunif" for making a successful event.

The event was ended on a sumptuous taste of Danish cuisine.  

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