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Curbing Iranian Ambitions

Iran continues to act like a rogue state against the international community. It seems to enjoy this subversive terrorist role which only turns against the Iranian regime, as is happening now in Iran. The Iranian people are fed up with the regime that treats the people as a group of rabbles who have no weight and no value.

It wastes Iran's wealth on adventurous of uncalculated consequences and became an outcast that is not acceptable to the international community. It is always seen as a major source of instability in the region with its policies that do not live up to the responsible policies of the state. 

The Iranian regime is a clique that rules a country, caring only for its interests and carrying out its schemes against the interests of the Iranian people.

Since its inception in 1979, the Iranian regime has been working hard to bring tension to the region by all illegal means, by interfering in the affairs of other countries and trying to spread chaos, believing that it is in its interest to dominate the scene but not knowing that the countries where it tried to interfere in their affairs can strongly respond to its terrorist approach to preserve their security, stability and development. 

Under the reign of this regime, Iran has not made any significant developmental progress, but has returned decades back. 

A report issued by the World Bank unveiled that Iran will suffer from an economic recession that is worse than expected. 

The growth of the Iranian economy is heading downward at a greater rate than it was, due to sanctions and banning of the Iranian oil exports. 

The World Bank's report "World Economic Prospects" said that Iran would be at the bottom of the 2019 Economic Growth (GDP) rating, in the penultimate position, which is a natural result of wasting Iran's wealth on its proxies, interference in other countries' affairs and negligence for development that the Iranian people do not know what it means.

The responsibility of the international community lies in stopping the Iranian regime's terrorism and its futile attempts to interfere in the affairs of the countries of the region, and to curb its aspirations to possess a nuclear weapon, which all evidence indicates that it seeks to possess.

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