Talat Hafiz
King Salman’s humanity in combating coronavirus

King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud issued his order to provide free medical treatment to all matters related to the CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) to all citizens, residents, border security and even to those who don’t meet the legal residency and work regulations in the Kingdom, in all public and private health facilities.

The royal order reflects a tiny portion of his good well and human characteristic, especially in such difficult health situation which the whole world is going through since December of last year when the virus was discovered in Wuhan of China for the first time. 

King Salman’s order showed his fairness to individuals living in Saudi Arabia when the matter touches the human health regardless of his nationality and the legal status, because he believes that the safety of the human health comes first and it is a matter of priority to him.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Gebresus, director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO) on his tweeter account, has thanked King Salman for his leadership and commitment to ensure that everyone in Saudi Arabia has access to the health services needed to fight the COVID-19 virus and he hoped that other countries will follow the King lead and solidarity.

It is worth noting that in response to an urgent WHO appeal, Saudi Arabia, donated US$ 10 million to support all countries of the region in their national COVID-19 response to combat the spread of the disease. 

The donation of Saudi Arabia was highly appreciated by WHO, especially for the urgent response and swift stepping in to ensure that all action is taken during this critical window of opportunity to contain the outbreak. 

King Salman's humanitarian actions have become role models for the rest of the world and it encouraged respected donors (individuals, countries, businesses, private institutions) to donate to the WHO to enable the organization to perform its health duty in a professional and effective way.

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