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The Kingdom shows great interest in all the regional and international events that it hosts, and prepares for them with the greatest of attention, care and scrutiny in every single detail, so that these occasions achieve the desired goals and aspirations. 

Before last December, when Saudi Arabia was officially handed over the presidency of the G20 Summit from Japan, the Kingdom has been preparing for hosting this global event which is scheduled in Riyadh this year, just because it is one of the largest economic events seen by the globe annually, and in which member states discuss the problems of the global economy, and determine its direction, agenda and priorities.

Yesterday, the Kingdom frankly pledged to the world that it would work on coming up with an extraordinary session of the G20 in the heart of Riyadh. In its speech during the meeting of the Group of 77 and China, at the New York-based United Nations, the Kingdom asserted that it will, through its presidency of the G20, work to enhance cooperation and reach an international consensus on the economic issues that will be raised, and work to achieve stability and prosperity of the global economy and development of effective policies, in order to achieve sustainable and balanced development and create real opportunities to raise the living standards and well-being of all peoples of the world.

Hence, countries of the world monitor all ins and outs, issued from Riyadh regarding the preparations for the G20. These countries trust the capacity of the Kingdom and its leaders to achieve everything it promised of and more. 

The Kingdom is the first Arab and Islamic country to preside and host the meetings of the G20y, and therefore it realizes that it does not represent itself is in this event, but rather represents all the Arab and Islamic countries, as well as the periphery of the third world countries, a matter which pushes the Kingdom to fulfill all desires and aspirations that these countries expect from the G20 meetings.

When the Kingdom speaks with confidence, at a media and an international platform in the size of the United Nations, it is well aware of what it says, and possesses the technical, human and financial capabilities, as well as the accumulated experiences which help it implement what it has committed and pledged to everyone. 

Thus, we do not exclude that the upcoming G20 round will bear fruit for future decisions, directions, and plans that will restore the global economy to its brilliance and recovery, and the entire world will bear witness to the launch of the international economy from Riyadh, which is the source of pride for every Arab and Muslim.

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