By: Dr. Sharifah Alkaser
The Education in Saudi Arabia and TIMSS Test

Saudi educational system provides quality instruction in diverse fields of arts and science. This diversity helps the Kingdom prepare its citizens for life and work in a global economy. 

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia is keen on development and progress in all aspects of life and this is clearly evident in the Kingdom's Vision of 2030, and as it is clear to everyone that scientific and educational progress is the basis for the progress of countries. The Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia has given special attention to improving education and improving its outcomes. 

This is why the Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad Al Al-Sheikh is keen to enrolling students on participate in the competing international tests, that help officials results of such tests to identify the location of their education in relation to the rest of the countries participating in those examinations, and from here they can enhance the strengths, identify weaknesses in education and work to improve them.

Ministry of Education participated in the international TIMSS test for the fourth grade of primary and second intermediate grade in the scientific and mathematical courses in 2015 and 2019, as this test is held by the International Organization for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) with the participation of 64 countries, including the Kingdom, and this test is held every four years. 

The Ministry of Education provided all students in all regions of the Kingdom with the opportunity to enroll in these exams, and the Minister of Education has personally endeavored to prepare students for this test, as a number of prep exams were available for students to enter them, and the Ministry of Education worked to benefit from the results of these exams, which prepare students for international examinations to improve methods and means of education As well as improving teacher skills, with the goal of raising students' results and thus improving education outcomes in Saudi Arabia.

In fact, these preparations and equipment paid off, as the level of Saudi Arabia improved by 7% in the year 2019 in mathematics, as for science, Saudi Arabia raised by 9% in 2019 compared to its results in 2015. 

Whereas, officials of Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia are ambitious, so they keep working to improve education in all its technical, material and human aspects so that Saudi Arabia can make more progress in education to graduate highly qualified students that compete not only locally but also globally, and that is why the Ministry continues to teach students distinctly and in line with the requirements of modern education. To make more and more scientific and educational progress in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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