Nikoo Amini
Iranian Diplomat Coordinated MOIS Operations in Europe

Assadollah Assadi remains in custody in Germany but Iran is working to get him home. He was the mastermind behind a terror plot aimed at an Iranian (Free Iran) gathering in Paris on June.
Today in Brussels a delegation of experts into the case held a conference to release further information.
Sid Ahmed Ghozali who is the former Prime Minister of Algeria said I'm here because I was at the gathering. I was there with hundreds of personalities who were the potential victims of this foiled attack. I am among the private plaintiffs filling a complaint against the Iranian regime.
The comments made by the conference delegate is currently running on #ExpelIranDiplomatTerrorists
Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) gave a full biography on the Iranian diplomat. “Assadollah Assadi is a third consular at the Iranian regime’s embassy in Vienna who was arrested on July 1 in Germany based on a European arrest warrant.”
Mohaddessin reminded of the German prosecutors’ statement saying Assadi is a member of the Iranian regime’s Intelligence Ministry (MOIS). This statement also holds that the diplomat personally handed over a bomb to two terrorists (Iranian) in Luxembourg.
Further going, Mohaddessin commented “Our information shows Assadollah Assadi was in charge of the Iranian regime's intelligence station in Austria since June 2014. This outpost coordinates activities of all MOIS stations in Europe. So, Assadi held the most important post within MOIS in Europe.”
This Council is focusing on revealing exact details into how Iran operates its terror plans abroad and has warned Europe to close all of Iran’s embassies.
Another figure sitting at the conference panel today was William Bourdon, he is known for dealing with criminal cases. He also has skills for crimes against humanity and members the Paris Bar Association.
Serge de Patoul, a Belgian politician was attending to make it clear that Iran’s primary terror target was its opposition.
NCRI Foreign Affairs Chair added that the head of the Foreign Intelligence and Movements Deptartment inside the MOIS is Reza Amiri Moghaddam. He is in direct contact with Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi.
“Prior to the 1997 ruling of the Mykonos Court regarding the assassination of Iranian Kurdish leaders in Germany, the Iranian regime’s embassy in Bonn played the role of the nerve center of the MOIS in Europe. During the Iran-Iraq war, Amiri Moghadam was a member of IRGC but later joined the MOIS.”
Amiri Moghadam has been running a terrorist plot against Iranians in Albania. The regime’s current ambassador to Albania, Gholam Hossein Mohammadinia, was previously the head of the International General Administration of the MOIS Foreign Directorate.
Therefore, this is not a film scenario but a regime wrongly in power and dictating misled Islamic rule over 80 million Iranians struggling to find freedom. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also advised European states to ask Rouhani about the Paris bomb plot as Tehran made a tour in July.

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