Riyadh Daily
True Image

Achievements in our country are numerous - praise be to God - and they are going on at a progressive pace noticed by the far and near. They are not confined a particular area, but include all walks of life, reaching the best of what can be achieved. We see this civilized achievement as a reality that is embodied day after day. Our plans of the present and the future are invisible to anyone thanks to the quantum shift that is experienced by our country towards the future whose features have crystallized and become clear to everyone who does not deny facts.
Versus such renaissance and development that we witness and work for, there is a fierce attack against our country in constant attempts to falsify our reality and to show us different than we really are, taking advantage of events that may take place in any country all around world. But, hatred, envy, secret interests and failed attempts to reach what we have reached push those parties behind these devil campaigns to develop plans and plots to prejudice our country but all in vain. In return, we have to admit our failure to show our true image to the world, as it is without embellishment or counterfeiting which are unnecessary because pointing out facts is sufficient to make the world aware of the true image of our country. It is not difficult, but it is so easy that we do not need to distort or falsify the facts as others do. We have to introduce ourselves and our achievements in a language that everyone understands through all available channels that we can make the best of them for the sake of our homeland. This was proved by the words of President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), Gabriela Barron during her visit to the King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue (KACND), "Your country is great and developed unlike the external image.. I'm impressed by what I have seen.. But you are unfair to your country because you have not introduced  it to the world as it should."

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