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CPA launches program to save invoices and guarantees of consumers

In a move aimed at protecting consumer rights, the Consumer Protection Association launched a program to save invoices and guarantees in a simplified and distinctive way.

The idea of ​​the program came in view of the fact that many consumers did not keep invoices and guarantees and thus lose their claims for their rights when needed.

The new application enables the consumer to save images of his purchased invoices and guarantees and can also retrieve, share and print them at any time. The features of the application include alerting  the consumer before the end of the warranty period, and identifying and storing the sites in Google maps for each invoice.

The Secretary General of the CPA , Samar Bint Abdullah Al -Qahtani said the program "Fatoury" comes from the interest of the Society to protect the interests of the consumer, and facilitate the procedures to protect the rights of the consumer by helping them save their bills and guarantees and retrieve them as and when they need them. The bills can be downloaded  through the application whenever they need them, he concluded .

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