Riyadh Daily
Peerless Charisma

A state of overwhelming elation and joy spreads in the Saudi society as following up the civilizational, cultural, political and developmental movement at all levels. It is a movement led by a peerless charismatic leader who committed himself to applying the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Allah bless him, and complying with the insights that he has developed into a plan and a roadmap for a brighter future.
Since assuming his official duties with the trust of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the Crown Prince has been racing against time and defeating what used to be impossible - or what we thought to be - pushing the wheel of development and modernization to the forefront, both regionally and internationally.
Socially, he has removed the burden of dogmatic exclusionary thought that attempted to paralyze energies and block the path of a balanced life that the society enjoyed its bliss without stress, exclusion or a culture of hatred that reigned the members society. He has taken us back to pure and moderate Islam that infuses tolerance and acceptance of the other and eradicates the extremist ideology that produced us groups with a hard-line orientation renouncing life, others and every beautiful human aspect.
His Highness's efforts have not been limited to such an important social dimension, but also to the re-positioning of the economy cycle through its diversified investment which does not make oil a single option. We have seen creative initiatives and ideas and gigantic quality projects that have paved the way for an enormous economy which will grow and its revenues will be in billions. We have seen and read some of these marvelous economic fruits.
In the political field and the international presence, it is not possible for the fair-minded and the unbiased to ignore the spectacular and honorable presence in which His Highness placed the Kingdom and won the confidence and attention of the world and its entire leaders.
It is the new Saudi Arabia which has embarked on an irrepressible, wise, insightful and enthusiastic pace towards the developed world that the Kingdom will be one of its most major members.

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