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In all circumstances and at all levels, the Palestinian cause remains present in the political discourse and the popular conscience in the Kingdom. Every Saudi participation in any regional or international forum has always referred to Palestine and explained its just cause and demanded the international community to force the Israeli occupier to withdraw and end all measures resulting from the occupation and return rights to their owners.

All the unusual circumstanced experienced by the region, the accelerating events and political fluctuations on more than a level, have never affected the Saudi stance towards the Palestinian issue and have never diminished the support provided by the Kingdom to the Palestinians. No attempts have ever succeeded to turn the Kingdom's attention away from them despite the regional and international rapid changes.

The Council of Ministers, its last session, reaffirmed the centrality of the Palestinian cause to both the Arab and Islamic nations, as well as to the identity of Jerusalem, and the Palestinian State's right to sovereignty over all of the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, including Jerusalem. The Kingdom believes that these constants should be taken into the world's account when it comes to talk about Palestine.

In all Arab and Islamic issues, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the initiator and the best supporter to all nations and the first to side with them and help them, out of its sense of the heavy responsibility placed on its shoulders. As for the Palestinian cause, the Kingdom has adopted a historic stand on the side of the Palestinians, and topped its priorities by defending their rights.

The Kingdom early stressed the importance of adhering to peace as a strategic option and presented a historic initiative that has received the support of all Arab and Islamic countries to terminate the Arab-Israeli conflict. It is fully aware that this initiative is the only way to achieve just and comprehensive peace, a matter that is countered by an Israeli transiency owing to the absence of the international community's effectiveness. 

The centrality of the Palestinian cause, both at the Arab and Islamic levels, is a title that is posed by the Kingdom and has been working so hard to keep it in the forefront, so as the world does not forget it, and no one ever believes that the concerns of the Arab and Islamic nations and the events they face mean falling back in the priorities. Palestine is the first and will remain at the forefront of attention.

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