By: Lama Al-Dosari
The Mindset of a Procrastinator

By definition, procrastination is the act of delaying something that requires immediate attention. For some, procrastination can start as a temporary state of mind but with a blink of an eye, it can turn into a habit. So, when does a person start procrastinating and why?
Procrastination is often developed by students, which is normal. Considering that, they are in a period of growth and change both physically and mentally. However, it should be concerning when procrastination becomes habitual. As it can affect a person's productivity and it can last them a lifetime. 
Research shows that procrastination is the product of stress and it is a form of stress relief. Meaning, when a person starts overthinking and dreading a certain task or a project, they waste all their energy on worrying. When the time comes to start working on the project, they have exhausted themselves by worrying and stressing that their brain needs a break. Thus procrastinating.   
When procrastination becomes a habit, it is known as serial procrastination. Serial procrastinators tend to have the constant mindset of "I can do this later".  So they tend to ignore their responsibilities until the last minute. Resulting in the accumulation of these responsibilities with not enough time to attend to them.  Causing them to be sleep deprived, consume unhealthy amounts of energy drinks, and be constantly stressed. These habits have serious negative effects on their health. As according to the journal of behavioral medicine, serial Procrastinators have trouble managing high blood pressure and heart disease.
To get rid of the habit of procrastination one must take their time to de-stress. When one takes their time to relax and make an organized schedule. They will have a better chance of sticking to that schedule and not procrastinate. One can also try to divide their project into smaller tasks making them easier to achieve. Starting with the most enjoyable part of the project will motivate one to begin working on it. Lastly avoiding all distractions. From phones and laptops if they are not needed to books and games. Staying away from these things will help one to focus on their job and not be as easily distracted.
Procrastination is a sign of stress. Therefore, one needs to take care of themselves by taking the time to relax. When one starts noticing that they are procrastinating, they should take a step back and take a break before they start working. As no one can do something efficiently under so much stress.

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