Trump and Modi talks lead to one of largest U.S.-India trade deal‏

Farhan Hassan*
Indo–American, vision and strategies

“The story of the Indian nation is a tale of astounding progress, a miracle of democracy, extraordinary diversity, and above all, a strong and noble people.  India gives hope to all of humanity.”

US President Donald Trump

This week, US President Donald Trump signed deals to sell the “absolute finest, state-of-the-art military helicopters” and other defense equipment to India worth $3 billion, also, the agenda also includes other potential agreements worth $ 7 billion.

As of that the Indian Cabinet Committee on Security approved $3 billion worth of pending contracts to purchase military helicopters from US companies Lockheed Martin and Boeing. 

As well, the US Administration, on its part, informed Congress of its willingness to sale of another $1.8 billion worth missile defense system.

According to Office of US, trade representative, that in 2018:

• Goods and services trade with India totaled an estimated $142.6 billion 

• Exports were $58.7 billion; 

• Imports were $83.9 billion. 

• The U.S. Goods and services trade deficit with India was $25.2 billion.

• U.S. Exports of Goods and Services to India supported an estimated 197 thousand jobs in 2015, that 82 thousand supported by goods exports and 116 thousand supported by services exports. 

• India is currently the 9th largest goods trading partner for the US

Historically, The Indo-US relationship has witnessed a "remarkable" boom since the early 1990s after India opened its economy to the outside world and American goods began flowing into India, On the other hand the three factors that mostly affect the Indo-US relationship are: 

• US posture and priorities at Indian subcontinent.

• US Strategy towards China.

• US and Pakistan relations.

US administration that seems supportive of strengthening India as part of its Indo-Pacific strategy which was formed against the Dragon China. So, based on that the question coming up how India can utilize this trend of the US at this time which also, consider as one of main challenges for Indian government.




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