By: Fadhila Mohammed
Understanding Food

All over the world, people suffer from illnesses that are caused by eating the wrong food or not having enough to eat. In industrialized countries, people often suffer from eating too much fat and cholesterol which can lead to heart diseases, obesity, and cancer.
Nowadays people mostly eat for pleasure forgetting that their bodies need food for three main jobs: Keeping a healthy metabolism, help control the way the body grows and repairs, and to provide us with energy.
Bad food habits that we developed without even realizing it, are one of the many reasons for gaining weight. For example mindless eating. Cornell University food psychologist Brian Wansink discovered that the larger the plate or bowl you eat from, the more unknowingly consume. To fix this bad habit it is advised to replace the large plate with a smaller one or a salad plate.
There are many ways to use the technology around us to keep a healthy lifestyle, like downloading applications to keep track of your food in counting the calories or to get recipes for a healthy meal. Also, applications to remind you throughout the day to drink water.
The key to staying healthy is eating the right food by staying away from junk food that would lead to health problems and exercise for at least thirty minutes daily to help the body burn calories and the fat not needed.

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