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Hajj Responsibility

The unstinting services provided by the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to the pilgrims are unparalleled in the world without any exaggeration. The State's entire concerned bodies are dedicated to provide the best services to them free of charge; in order to complete their rituals easily. 

The Makkah Road Initiative, one of the initiatives that have been activated and applied to make it easy for the pilgrims from different parts of the world to access the Kingdom quite effortlessly, is even among other initiatives that make pilgrims devoted to worship without any obstacles or needs that may distract them from performing the rituals.

The Kingdom has taken upon itself the service of the pilgrims. It is a great honor and responsibility that only the Kingdom can take on. 

It made the performance of Hajj a smooth journey from the arrival of the pilgrims until their departure with the performance of the Hajj in between and which requires efforts that are least described as tremendous. 

Serving millions of pilgrims coming from 163 countries is so difficult, not as it seems to us in the flow of movement and integration of services. Each pilgrim comes with his\her customs, traditions and language. Thus, it is dealt with them according to standards that have been prepared for and specialized human cadres to serve them and facilitate their pilgrimage. 

To make it an unforgotten spiritual journey by all standards, year after year we see new services for pilgrims overtop the services provided in the previous Hajj season, our government - Allah bless it - begins to prepare for the next Hajj season immediately after the end of the season before without any delay so as to ensure the best services to the pilgrims in the season to come. 

This ability to bear such a great responsibility is an honor granted to our country to do it the best.

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