Riyadh "Riyadh Daily"
Heavy Responsibility

In our country, the march of goodness continues towards building, prosperity, security and development. We are guided by the achievement of developmental goals that have gone beyond words to the real meaning embodied on the ground that we live and rejoice. 

These goals found a future that we see very close to be achieved. Since its inception by Late King Abdullah bin Abdurrahman - may Allah have mercy on him – our country has gone its way, set its objectives and collected the tools of its action, putting its trust in God Almighty, and began the establishment of a state that had nothing but the determination of a man, and men whose intentions were so sincere with their Lord Who granted them victory and opened for them the blessings of heaven and earth. 

The pillars of our blessed country have been placed on divine guidance, establishing the law of God and applying the teachings of our Chosen Prophet - peace be upon him - and taking the civilized development as a weapon in order to place this country in the proper rank as the Two Holy Mosques country.

The march of our homeland has continued up to the eighty-eighth anniversary of the founding of our precious kingdom. What has increased the greatness of the occasion is that our country has not taken during these eighty-eight years developmental steps only, but giant leaps by all standards. 

These leaps have been unknown by humanity in its history. If we surf the history, we won't find a state incepted with too little to build into a state that has great influence over the international political and economic decision. It is a miracle we have never heard of, but the sincere intentions, the powerful intention and strong determination, and above all, the help and support by God Almighty, have granted our country its worthy prestige. 

We are so proud of our generous country, but this also brings us heavy responsibility to continue giving for the pride, glory and prestige of the country.

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