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SG of MWL inaugurates developmental and orphan sponsorship in Ghana

Supported and welcomed by state officials and religious figures in the Republic of Ghana, the Secretary General of the Muslim World League Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, has inaugurated a package of developmental and orphan sponsorship projects there.
Dr. Al-Issa started the projects by participating in the International Festival of Orphans organized by MWL and attended by thousands of orphans in El Wak Stadium, in the presence of the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection. He announced that MWL sponsorship of thousands of orphans and the establishment of a vocational and technical center under the supervision of the Government of Ghana.
The spokesperson of MWL, , Abdulwahab Al-Shehri, said this is part of MWL's mega program in the African continent aimed at supporting affected and needy people, and victims of crises and disasters in the continent. The program is adopted by MWL for its benefit serving all targeted needy segments in the societies with no religious, ethnic or political discrimination. The program includes projects to provide potable water, baskets of food, medical services and orphan sponsorship, and projects of mosques that serve Muslims in the African countries.
Al-Shehri added, this festival comes within the framework of the special program approved earlier by Dr. Al-Issa to contribute to bridging the gaps in the needs of Africa, where the Africans are targeted with a package of various projects covering the most important weaknesses and need points, through a comprehensive range of health, development and training initiatives. In addition to the housing projects, food baskets, orphan sponsorship, water supply and many others for Muslims and non-Muslims, as MWL's humanitarian and religious work are not based on religion, color or ethnicity.
Al-Shehri stressed that MWL pays special attention to orphans as one of the needy segments vulnerable to various types of problems from an early age, especially in poor communities, due to the absence of one or both family sponsors. Thus, MWL has previously launched its Global Humanitarian Project for the Orphan Sponsorship, to sponsored thousands of orphans in many countries around the world and provided them with financial, health, social and educational support, and shared their own joys and international occasions.
He said that Dr. Al-Issa launched the project of distributing food baskets for the poor and needy in Ghana, aiming to provide hundreds of thousands of poor people with basic foodstuffs for long periods, based on a periodic plan adopted by MWL to help the needy.
He also launched a project to provide potable water to a large segment of those who are deprived of having access to water supplies to where they live, as they have to travel long distances to get drinking water. As MWL is one of the largest international actors interested in water by digging thousands of wells and extending water networks to homes of the beneficiaries, as well as providing purification plants and awareness-raising programs on the importance of conserving the water resources.
Dr. Al-Issa also inaugurated one of the biggest mosques established by MWL to serve the Muslims in Ghana. The mosque was well equipped to serve thousands of members of the Muslim community. Dr. Al-Issa also launched the medical campaign to combat eye diseases, seeking to treat hundreds of beneficiaries as part of MWL's medical project to combat blindness in the African continent.
These projects are an extension of the steady series of programs and initiatives offered by MWL in Africa. It is based on its belief in its global humanitarian role in standing with the poor and the affected in their countries.  To achieve its Islamic slogan "There is a reward for every one with a moist liver", enhancing its presence and positive impact on the African continent and consolidating its long-standing alliances and agreements with official bodies, civil society organizations and humanitarian organizations.
MWL also affirmed its intention to go on with its historic efforts in Africa towards a humanitarian and development activity that is orderly and sustainable. MWL's work focuses on coordination with government agencies in the countries targeted by its programs.

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